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The aim of this group is to foster a sense of community and facilitate networking at in-person events in the greater Seattle Area. As you know this is pretty much impossible currently. So until we reach a time when we can all meet up again, please feel free to check out our friends at The PreSales Collective.


Pre-Sales, Solution Engineering, Sales Engineering, the accidental career for many of us. The role of Pre-Sales falls right in the middle of marrying the customers needs to the right technology solution. It takes a special type of person to be successful in this role. You need to be technical but you also need to understand what your customer actually needs, and what their business goals are.

What is Pre-Sales?

Pre-sales engineers are often called upon to provide substance in a sales meeting, demonstration or request for proposals. Pre-sales activities should involve working with the customer to identify pain points. It is a collaboration between the customers and the sales team, knowledge sharing for the benefit of both parties. It is highly technical and always will be because every little thing must be scrutinized and analyzed for an effective solution to be implemented.


About Us


Emerald City SE is the premier networking group for anyone who works in Pre-Sales or dreams of becoming a Sales Engineer. We aim to foster a safe place for people to learn, network, share ideas and to promote the role of Pre-Sales engineering. Let’s empower the best kept secret in Sales.

If you would like to volunteer, are interested in hosting a meet-up or sponsoring an event please use the form below, or send an email to [email protected]

Networking and Mentorship

Connect with the local pre-sales community and meet individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills sets, and professional experience.


Learn about pre-sales and identify opportunities to develop new skills alongside a diverse group of individual contributors and pre-sales leadership.

Expand Awareness

Drive interest in the community to consider pre-sales as a professional track.

Have Fun!

Create a fun and friendly environment where we can all interact, create a community of like minded professionals.

Get Involved

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Hannah Bloking

A seasoned pre-sales professional, with an enterprise SaaS background and experience working for companies ranging from early start-up to Fortune 100.  Passionate about connecting customers with technology, delivering a superior sales experience, and enabling the next generation of sales engineers.

Yuji Higashi

Yuji currently leads the Solutions Consulting team at Outreach. Previously he has held positions in management consulting and led global professional services teams. He is passionate about strengthening the community of pre-sales professionals and helping others achieve their professional goals.

Gary Newe

With over 20 years working in pre-sales, with a focus on InfoSec, Gary is currently Regional Vice President of Solution Engineering for Major Accounts at F5. Passionate about leadership and enabling pre-sales engineers reach their full potential.


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